• How Staking Works

    Sngmentors is a staking and coaching site where you get access to forums, videos and one on one coaching in exchange for about 60% of your profits at the beginning. As you play more games, the profit split starts to shift in your favor. Most contracts start at 60/40 backer's cut, but can differ depending on your skill level.

    At the beginning of your contract, we will give you an initial bankroll to begin playing. After every session, you'll post on our forum and say what the roll is at. At the end of every week, you'll transfer whatever profit was made that week to one of the heads of the program. If you start at a 50% backer's cut/50% player's cut, then you'll keep half of your profit. If you have a losing week, we'll replenish the bankroll and you will owe makeup. If you lose $200 one week, that means that that money has to be made up before you receive any new profit from the next week. As you play more games and get better, the players cut will increase in your favor.

    We want students to be able to play/study a minimum of 15-20 hours a week. Obviously some weeks you will be busier than others, but that's what we'd like you to average.

    We custom tailor all our contracts to fit individual players needs. The contracts are 9 months to a year because we will put in a lot of time coaching at the beginning where the site will only receive a pretty small gain. Most of our coaches make $60-$120/hr playing online, even with this our starting cuts are only slightly higher than that of a straight 50-50 staking deal of the type that you might get on other staking sites. By the end of our contracts all of our players are receiving cuts lower than they would receive in any other straight staking deal while still receiving the same level of coaching.

    We expect you to put in a reasonable amount of time to studying and playing each week. SNGMentors can drop the student anytime we see fit if you don't fulfill your contract requirements (like having to play x amount of games in a given period of time).

    We accept students after seeing hand histories from them and after having them answer some questions. Then we start the contract process if we are impressed by the hand histories and answers.