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    Name: Ignas Kavaliauskas
    Email: pokerstar.ignas@gmail.com
    Stars: Sharkh0
    FTP: Sharkiux
    Country: Lithuania (registered on Stars) but currently living in UK apparently.
    Skype: ignayskas

    Started staking him mid July. After 2 weeks, he had posted no rail, played outside his buyin limits, played cash games on our stake. I asked for the roll back and profit splits and he kept ignoring me or coming up with BS reasons why he couldn't send (on his tablet). He asked me repeatedly for small reloads and loans. He also asked to dump money to me on Stars and FTP and for me to log into his account to transfer money. When I told him I would post here, he said he already sent the funds back, which he did not.

    I had also got a reference from a previous backer who he said was a Lithuanian sng reg "legimantis" but now I am unsure of that now too bc the backer seemed very broke and wanted to split the stake.

    He owes us $1220 + whatever profit cuts there might have been, but I suspect he was lying about that as well. Do not stake him and do not trust him.

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    wow bad peaple

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