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Thread: QQ 100nl 3 way pot

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    Default QQ 100nl 3 way pot

    only reads are villian seems ot be tight, but not many hands against him

    ***** Hand History for Game 2638011457000196 ***** (Cake Poker)
    $100.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, June 25, 10:20:09 ET 2011
    Table - Chelsea (6-Max) 11457 (Real Money)
    Seat 3 is the button
    Seat 1: SSpos ( $90.85 USD )
    Seat 2: CakeSeat2 ( $118.19 USD )
    Seat 3: CakeSeat3 ( $254.81 USD )
    Seat 8: CakeSeat8 ( $98.10 USD )
    Seat 9: CakeSeat9 ( $100.00 USD )
    Seat 10: CakeSeat10 ( $52.44 USD )
    CakeSeat8 posts small blind [$0.50 USD].
    CakeSeat9 posts big blind [$1.00 USD].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to SSpos [ Qh Qc ]
    CakeSeat10 folds
    SSpos raises [$3.00 USD]
    CakeSeat2 folds
    CakeSeat3 folds
    CakeSeat8 calls [$2.50 USD]
    CakeSeat9 calls [$2.00 USD]
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ Js, 5h, 6h ]
    CakeSeat8 checks
    CakeSeat9 bets [$5.50 USD]
    SSpos raises [$20.00 USD]
    CakeSeat8 raises [$95.10 USD]
    CakeSeat9 folds
    SSpos folds
    CakeSeat8 wins $75.10 USD
    CakeSeat8 wins $51.80 USD from main pot

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    I don't see this being AJ often enough to call. Seems like a combo draw, set or some stupid 2 pair hand. If he has TT or AJo then next time you know he isn't that tight.

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    can you give us your exact reasoning for the fold?

    You are ahead of alot of his range even if you are losing to a few.

    The flop raise is great now just follow through with the call. You raised because you believed your hand was ahead and I bet it is. Now that you commit a decent amount of your stack follow through with your plan.

    Think to yourself.... If he reraises me am I gonna fold this? Thats a good way to save $ and apply pot control.
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    I'm just not sure I can get away from QQ here..

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    I call 100% of times, and fuck it if he flopped set.

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    I second Atoriesgo...if he's got set fair enough, if not, GET IT IN

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    Why did you raise this big on the flop? I would raise 2.5x max, especially if he is tight. You raised almost 4x then tank folded.

    Question is not if we are ahead of his range but if we have at least 38% or so (see pot odds, not sure how much it is).

    We assume he never flats with JJ oop, so this leaves us with 6 combinations of sets, 4 combinations of Jx (AJhh, KJhh, QJhh, JThh), maybe 87hh but I am not sure if a tight player flats 87s oop so let's discount that. There are also some broadway fd+overs such as AThh, KThh etc. and I believe there are quite a few combinations of those.

    Whether he shoves AJ or any other top pair hand without a draw or not... not sure. If he does, it is 100% it's a good call. If he never shoves those, it depends on how many draws he has in his range to make the call break even or better.

    Also note some players are full of crap here, I would give it a 2-5% chance.

    So if he does not shove top pairs, it's close, you might still get pot odds to call if he shoves enough draws. If he shoves top pairs or anything else (such as e.g. 99 bc he is a donk), it's a snap call.

    I think the question is not your last action, but your flop raise donk bet sizing.

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    The Check raise if far too strong to call imo when you have a donk bet and a 3-bet ontop of it.... your almost behind like all of the time imo. massive combo draw or a set im folding here a very high % of the time

    I ran it with all the JJ+,66-55,AhKh,AhQh,AhJh,AhTh,KhJh,QhJh,JhTh,8h7h,4h3h with the other guy have Jx

    i got 19.41% for hero
    i got 62.86% for seat 8
    and 17.71% for donk bet
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    For me, The Fold was the right move if he really did play tight, imo you are not going to be good here most of the times, so folding is the right move.

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