» Meet The Coaches

Mike "Vers" is a successful MTT and SNG grinder, with over 100K lifetime profits in SNGs, and over 100K lifetime profits in MTTs as well. Mike has also had success playing live MTTs, finishing 2nd in a local MTT for $19,000, as well as finishing 5th in a UKIPT event for $32,000. He has played professionally since 2008. Mike runs the site, along with Michael. Mike focused on getting a degree in marketing in 2012. Mike now mostly plays mtts and HUsngs, aiming to become a better postflop player.

Location: Whistler, Canada
Hobbies: snowboarding, golf, traveling, running and house music
Favourite SNG or MTT: FTP's Sunday Brawl
Biggest score: $100,000

Michael "Manhat10ite" was one of the most successful 18 Man grinders on the net. Following Black Friday, Michael took on a strong management role in SNGmentors and now runs the website along with his partner, Mike. He has taken a deep interest in coaching and is often known for suggesting unusual and tricky lines. His slightly intoxicated training videos and railing are an instant classic. He lives with his wife and daughter in New York City.

Location: New York City, USA
Hobbies: photography and antique dealing
Favourite SNG or MTT: 18 mans
Biggest score:$12,000

Adam "Ismelltoast" is one of our most successful students. Following his contract, Adam began coaching for us. Having gone through the program, Adam knows what it's like to go from playing 2.50/180s to medium and high stakes MTTs. Adam is still a hardcore grinder, but also enjoys doing hand history review videos.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Hobbies: golf, hockey, snowboarding
Favourite SNG or MTT: 180s
Biggest score: $17,760

Romans "RovoDice" is also a former student turned coach. He has over $200,000 in profits in MTTs/SNGS over all sites. He chopped the Sunday Million in early 2013. Right now he is playing exclusively MTTs and devotes a lot of time coaching students and enjoys that.

Location: Latvia
Hobbies: weightlifting, gym
Favourite SNG or MTT: Sunday Million
Biggest score: $122,600

Mathias "Cashcid Linc" is a very successful medium and high stakes mtt player. Mathias is not afraid to make some bizarre plays and is extremely aware of table dynamics and images. His MTT video series are always impressive and eye opening. Mathias had a deep run in the 2012 WSOP Main Event cashing for $52,000.

Location: Germany
Hobbies: meditation, gym, yoga and reading
Favourite SNG or MTT: Sunday Million
Biggest score: $28,000